Everyday Beauty

Today is May 1, a national holiday in France.  Fête du Travail / Labor Day.  I was expecting some sort of protest march but it’s been raining all day.  I don’t mind that it’s raining because I’ve been cooped up indoors on a self-imposed quarantine because I have chickenpox for the first time!  Today is Friday and I stepped out briefly to get some food.  Not an easy task since almost everything is closed but good ol’ Chevallier bakery is always open.  I put on a scarf, hat, and raincoat and hoped with the rain not many people would be out or take notice of the red pox and scabs on my face.  Naturally this one time a woman asks me for directions to the train station.  It was nice to get some air and move my legs.  Up ’til that moment, I had stayed in my apartment since Monday night!  I left my apartment once to take down the trash.  This doesn’t involve leaving my building.  I was able to go outside but sitting on my balcony. The time I’ve spent indoors hasn’t been too bad.  I’ve eaten up leftovers, got my scanner working again, and am tending to my neglected blog.  Cleo is thrilled to have me here all day.

This post is dedicated to some of the things I pass by very often or noticing the detail of everyday things.  It is about taking the time to stop and appreciate the beauty of my town and savor every last minute.


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