December in Annecy

Christmas is fast approaching.  Today, a Sunday, many shops are open and it is glorious.  I went grocery shopping at Monoprix and did some general browsing in town because I could.  I went into the old town to buy some honey at the Sunday outdoor market and I could barely get in there!  It was packed with tourists, mostly Italian.

The biggest thing going on right now is the Annecy Christmas Market.  It started on Nov. 28 with vendors selling stuff like jewelry, hats, blankets, and food:  vin chaud, diot sausages, crêpes, gingerbread, pretzels, and Poutine.  Yup, one French Canadian vendor is here selling maple syrup (of course), Canadian beer, and Poutine.  I’ve had some of all three.  The vendors are selling all day and night with weekends and evenings being the busiest.  Night time is more magical because of all the lights and an animated show projected onto city hall.  It’s also dang cold and super crowded.

Side note:  I love vin chaud.


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