What’s Cookin’?

I can’t believe it’s been over one month since my last post, I’m really behind!  This post in particular is long overdue.  It’s about my long-awaited KITCHEN!!  As I’ve said in earlier posts, I moved into a brand new apartment with no kitchen set-up whatsoever.  Une cuisine “non-équipée”, save for a flimsy sink and cabinet.  No appliances or storage.  All my things were on the floor and piled up on every available surface and it was very depressing to come home to this day after day.  The proprietor did not want to install or pay for a kitchen, which is ridiculous.  When the time comes that I move out, I will try to sell the kitchen to the next tenant or sell it online.  The proprietor will not get a free kitchen from me!  What a cheap jerk.

I have a new friend named Sophie who is an interior designer.  Her husband works with me at Salomon.  She designed my kitchen and together we picked out the materials and finishes from Leroy Merlin.  It’s a store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.  She did all the communication and liaising with the store and contractor, or “artisan” as they’re called here, who installed everything.  I’m really pleased with the results.  It looks modern, is good quality, and didn’t cost a fortune.  Now I can prepare hot meals!  I have counters and a place for my dishes!  This was especially important as my Mom was coming to visit.  *btw, this visit already came and went, Aug. 18-30.  That’s how behind I am on my posts*

I needed more storage beyond what the Leroy Merlin cabinets offered and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I bought two Malm dressers from IKEA.  These are great for lightweight things like towels, Tupperware, Ziplocks, etc.  I like that they don’t look like kitchen cabinets and thus don’t make the room look like one big kitchen with no living space.  I was also able to use a console table as a kitchen island.  I wish it was a bit taller to match the height of the counters but hey, it works and I don’t have to spend more money.  Again, it helps to enclose the kitchen area and confine it to one part of the room.  There’s a space where I was going to put a washing machine but I haven’t bought one yet; not sure I will.  I’ve been going to the laundromat.  It’s not that far to walk and it’s fast.

Here’s some photos.  I’m re-posting some of the pics to remind you what I started with.  



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