Hello, this post should have gone up last month. In the last few weeks, I’ve learned that France (i.e. Paris) is famous for it’s bi-annual sales. In this country, the government decides specific times of the year when stores can have their sales. Yup, standardized sales. They happen 6 months apart and basically anything can be on sale but from what I’ve seen, they’re generally to clear out Winter and Summer products. For Summer, they start at the end of June and last for 5 weeks. The Winter sales happened shortly after I arrived here.

All sales happen at the same time so it’s mayhem in the stores, with huge signs proclaiming SOLDE!! and -50%! As the weeks go by, you see signs that say, “2ième Démarque!” signifying the 2nd markdown and the prices are progressively slashed each week. You can get some great deals if you’re willing to wait for lower prices and risk the chance that the things you want won’t be scooped up by someone else.

That’s it. Short post.


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