Rue de la Paix

I’ve been living in my apartment for 2.5 months now and although it’s not “complete”, it’s time for a post on it.  I live in a brand new apartment building in the centre of Annecy in the Villa Sophia on Rue de la Paix. The location is absolutely fantastic and there is underground parking, which is so key to have in this part of town, though it’s a bit dodgy to navigate at times.  I can walk to so many places in minutes.  Some basics:  it’s 60 square meters, on the 2nd floor (3rd floor by US standards), 2 bedrooms, balcony, good sized bathroom with two sinks and shower only, and the toilet is in it’s own separate little room.  One small coat closet by the entrance and that’s it for storage. Mainly dark gray tile floors with wood-looking floors in the bedrooms.  The balcony is triangle-shaped since my apt is on the corner and it’s accessible from one of the bedrooms, which I’m using as an office, and the living room.  The kitchen and living room are all in one rectangular area.  I downsized a lot from my house in Portland and sold almost all of my big furniture.  I should have sold more!  The sad thing is there are a lot of things I thought I wanted to keep and when I unpacked them, I had forgotten about them.  This includes clothes and shoes. It is common in France for a kitchen to be “non-équipée”, or unequipped.  This means no appliances or cupboards.  People take them when they move and this is why IKEA does such big business in kitchens.  There was one cheap-o sink and that’s it.  To make a very long and dramatic story short, I bought a fridge, washer/dryer-in-one, and stove at half price from a former Salomon employee.  This was a feat in itself as I had to buy them by only seeing photos, rent a van, and get co-workers I just met to help me.  Luckily it went down without a hitch.  I soon realized it would be too difficult and ugly to fit cabinets around them so I kept the fridge and sold the other two items to a new Salomon employee.  I hired a new friend who is an interior designer to design and plan a kitchen for me using the store Leroy Merlin, which is like Lowe’s or Home Depot, and oh boy–they’re open at lunch time!  This is better than IKEA because LM is local and will handle the installation.  As of this post, the kitchen has been designed.  I have to go to LM and approve the purchase order and in the coming weeks, I’ll have a kitchen!  Yayy!  I should point out, as a renter, this is all at my own expense.  The owner does not want to pay for anything.  This is so stupid because he should treat this property as an investment.  When I leave this apt, I will not leave the kitchen behind for free.  I will try to sell it to the next tenant or dismantle and sell it on Le Bon Coin.  In the meantime, I’ve gotten creative in making meals with my George Foreman grill and electric kettle.  I also bought a juicer.  The bathroom is too cluttered to show you right now. I have found comfort in realizing that things will get done.  Maybe not in the instant I want them to or without headaches, but nothing is impossible.

PS  I have framed artwork to put up.  All the walls and, trim, and doors are white and I don’t want to paint them.  I can also post a floor plan, that will help you visualize the layout. PS2  I also changed the banner photo from Mt. Hood to the French alps.  I’d like to have both at the same time in some clever, splicing way.


One thought on “Rue de la Paix

  1. SO happy to see you settling into such an amazing place + location….as well as connecting with Anna!! Now to figure out how to get myself over there for a visit!

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