Point of No Return

Way back when I was taking driver’s ed, my instructor referred to “The Point of No Return” when entering a lighted intersection. This is when the light turns orange but you don’t have enough time or space to stop at the line. There’s more to it, chime in if you know. This is another delayed post from notes in my sketchbook on Dec. 22, 2013, written during a power outage.

We’ve lost power. As of 2:23 pm, we have been without electricity and it’s 5:30 pm now. I’m betting that a tree laden with ice has downed some power lines. Not long ago a crew was on our street with a chainsaw and cherry picker. It’s very dark out and the temperature is plunging.
When I got up this morning, everything was coated in ice, the result of two days of freezing rain. It was all very pretty but slippery and the birch tree outside my bedroom window was dropping branches on the roof with loud thuds. I drove to the gym at 10:30 am and had to pull over to remove large sheets of ice that slid onto the windshield from the roof. Once I hit a big intersection, I saw the lights were out. Not long after, the gym was dark and the lot empty. The whole street had lost power! I returned home, thankful the house had running electricity. That changed a few hours later. Right now I’m writing the notes for this entry with light from a battery powered bulb. The temp in the house is slowly getting colder. Luckily there is a gas powered fireplace in the living room.
I suppose now is a good time to collect my thoughts. No distractions from TV or the internet. (Skip to present time, I’m typing this with an AFC divisional playoff game in the background. Go Pats!!). A couple days ago I had my first real wave of, “Oh s**t, what the hell am I doing moving to France alone??” It’s been an uphill battle for months and it will get steeper once I’m in Annecy. I’ll be in an unfamiliar place, experiencing culture shock, a language barrier, no friends or family,…I’ll be alone save for my loyal little Cleo. I voiced my concern on Facebook and was soon flooded with messages of support and encouragement. It really helped–thank you everyone!! It made me realize I’m not truly alone and I have a lot of love on my side. One friend made the terrific suggestion to make a reminder in my phone 6 months from now to assess my feelings and look back upon what I’ve done. That will be something to look forward to.


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