This is Really Happening

I’ve passed Go without collecting $200 and my next life chapter and adventure is under way.  I’m sitting in my childhood room in the house I grew up in as I type this. *Actually that was 5 days ago, now I’m at my Mom’s old computer*. My twIn bed, desk, and bookshelf are still here.  Cleo is snoozing soundly on the bed. The last several weeks have been a blur. I realize the whole point of this blog is to document my move step by step but that hasn’t worked for me so now I’m doing some backtracking.  The fact is, things got so stressful and hectic that when I had time to collect my thoughts, I found myself wanting to zone out and not think of the move. Funny, that’s how I felt about my job when it got crazy busy instead of the usual super busy. Nike friends, you know what I mean, right??  My move has become my job.

I’m renting out my house so a lot of time and money was spent on cleaning it up, taking photos, fixing things, etc.  I also had to sell or donate everything that didn’t sell at my yard sale and wasn’t moving to France.  Posting to Craigslist became my part time job. I sold a ton of stuff very quickly and luckily no creepers came around.  The Craigslist world is really interesting, it could be a whole post on its own.  Once the movers came and packed everything up, all my personal touches were gone. I didn’t even have a chair to sit on or a fork to eat with. That made walking out the door one last time not so tough but I definitely had a teary-eyed moment a few days earlier.  I spent my last night in Portland at my neighbors’ house as they kindly offered one of their spare rooms.  Then on Sunday Nov 17 my friend Chris M, whom I hadn’t seen in ages, was so generous as to pick me up and drive me to PDX.  So long, Portland!  Hope to see you again sooner than later.


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