The title alone should get your attention.  Now for a side story that still ties into moving to France.  I’ve been shopping for my Fall/Winter wardrobe and thinking of outfits that will be suitable for work and looking cute while strolling the streets of Annecy. I was at The Gap and found a striped shirt that could easily be part of my “I dress like I’ve lived here for years” starter kit.  I was already wearing leggings and a snug tank dress under a top, which to be honest, revealed more lumps than I’d like to see.  I can’t possibly pass for a thin, French local like this and I’m not about to pick up smoking.  Next stop:  Macy’s to try on some Spanx.  In the back of my mind I was thinking, “I’m shopping for a girdle, like it’s 1940!”.  I found myself perusing the hangers of nude coloured garments that look like bicycle shorts or swimsuits.  One of them looked like a big, long tube and I couldn’t tell which way was up and where you’re supposed to pull it up to.  It had some engineered knit going on for support and stretch in all the right places.  Forgot to take a photo and I didn’t try it on.  I felt ridiculous trying these things on and in the end left empty handed.  I didn’t feel like they helped me and ultimately I didn’t want to be wearing another layer of clothing that would restrict movement and feel bulky.  For your entertainment, I’ve documented some of my experience.  Add to this, Macy’s was playing Christmas music.  For Pete’s sake!  It was just Hallowe’en 3 days ago!


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