Gone Baby Gone

It has been some time since my last post and believe me, that time has gone by faster than a blink of an eye.  So most of you know that I’m keeping my house and renting it out.  I’ve been handling repairs and yardwork to fix it up and make it ready for tenants.  Not personally of course, I hire people for that stuff.

I have a house full of furniture and accessories that I can’t bring with me to France, I know my apartment will be much smaller.  That’s the thing with empty space, if you have it, you fill it up.  I enlisted the help of a woman early on who puts on estate sales.  On Oct. 12-13 she was going to manage the cleaning, organizing, pricing, set up, and sale of my stuff.  I was relieved to have her help–one thing I didn’t have to worry about.  Over several weeks I hauled stuff out to the garage haphazardly.  Bags and boxes of clothes, shoes, housewares, and furniture. On Sept. 30 (a Monday) she did a walk-thru of my stuff and unhappily told me that I didn’t have enough stuff to make her service profitable for either of us.  Crap!!  Long story short, I hustled to put on a moving sale that Saturday, Oct. 5 because the forecast was for a sunny, dry day.  I had to pull this s**t together.  I begged, bribed, and cajoled for help from friends *THANK YOU!!*, worked from sunrise to long past sunset to sort and price everything, made sale flyers and posted them, and advertised on Craigslist.  I’m not gonna lie, it was very stressful and exhausting.  I got a ton of Fuel points!!  I even dreamt that I was running away from tidal waves.  I had no idea what to expect.  Would there be hordes of early birds?  Thieves?  Anyone?

On the morning of the sale, three friends came early to help me set up and help customers.  Thanks so much to Steven, Tania, and especially Lisa who stayed for several hours and was also one of my best customers!!  HA!  I had Hallowe’en candy ready as treats, a cash out table, a money apron, and a nicely merchandised array of stuff to sell.  Can you tell my years at Nike played some role in this??  I had several comments on how well everything was organized, displayed, and priced.  Also lots of compliments on how good all my stuff was.  Heartfelt thanks to Andrea and Tin who helped big time in the set up in the days before the sale.

Overall the sale was a success.  I realized you have to price things to sell and let go of any attachment to them.  Other items I’ve had success selling on Craigslist.  I definitely learned how much I can live without, a lesson I’ll take to France.  One of the best things about the sale was meeting neighbors I hadn’t met before, all great people I wish I knew before.  Despite the stress leading up to the sale, I had a lot of fun.

I should mention that I also had a *FREE STUFF* corner.  You know, stuff you want to get rid of and can’t ask money for because it’s half used or worn down?  Well, nothing sells faster than $free.99.  I was even thanked for my generosity.  Um, sure!  A couple other highlights:  A guy who looked like he was in an 80s hair band excitedly buying my Night Ranger album and the best 6 year old boy examining my goods and exclaiming, “these look nice and mid-century modern!”.  So good.


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