I wonder if Portlandia has reached Europe?  I’ll tell them it’s a documentary.

I’ve become quite the Oregonian and Portlander in the last ten years.  I’m a strict recycler, use my compost bin, shop at Whole Foods, drink Stumptown coffee, etc.  I love farmer’s markets and picking fruit on Sauvie Island.  I’m accustomed to seeing people riding unicycles, panhandlers with cell phones, pet goats, and waxed handlebar mustaches. However I still love shopping at Target and Costco.  I don’t physically do the composting, I just put the scraps in the bucket and leave that yucky stuff to the city to make into nutrient-rich soil.  Oh, and I don’t own a bike or dog and I don’t drink much beer.


That said, as of September 9, 2013, I signed up for a Portland Juice Press juice cleanse.  Re:  All juice meals.  I did the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 15-day juice cleanse last year.  That was a lot of work and required a lot of discipline.  I made all the juices and meals myself.  As a result, I lost 9.5 lbs and felt energized and refreshed.  No mid-afternoon sluggishness.  PJP offers cleanses from 3-6 days and delivers a box of 6 juices to your doorstep bright and early every morning.  Right now I’m on Day 2 of a 4 day cleanse.  I would not describe any of the juices as being “delicious” except for the hazelnut-date-vanilla juice which you drink before going to bed.  Beets and kale are the heart of a lot of juice cleanses and I’m not a fan of them.  I’m not hungry and aside from a sweet and sour food craving, probably from the smell of Panda Express at the mall today, I’m feeling good.  Portland experience:  check!


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