Hood to Coast

On August 23-24 I ran my 7th Hood to Coast with the Nike Design Team.  I was originally a co-captain but backed out once I knew I was leaving Nike.  Two days before the race, someone had to withdraw and I was called upon to join the team.  I figured, why not?  A last hurrah of sorts with Nike and Oregon.  Plus I got a really rad t-shirt.

For those of you who don’t know, Hood to Coast is an annual running relay race just under 200 miles.  12 people per team running continuously 3x each from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, OR.  1000 teams, two vans per team, 6 runners per van.  That’s a lot of runners on the course!!  For me it’s a love-hate relationship with H2C.  I love the feeling of accomplishment, camaraderie (shared misery), and eating lots of snacks I’d never otherwise eat.  I hate using the Honey Buckets, lack of sleep, and anxiety of traffic jams at the exchange points.  Somewhere along the way, everyone thinks, “why am I doing this??”. Then there’s the pain–oh, the pain.  Your legs will cramp up and be incredibly sore.  This year wasn’t too bad for me but in past years, I could barely get out of the van when we returned to Nike WHQ.


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